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Technical Writing 101: The Basic Skills

This one-day workshop teaches you the fundamental writing and organization skills that every technical writer needs to know, regardless of the software tools you work with.

You will learn how to tackle a technical writing project with confidence: from terminology to perfect paragraphs, from building your outline to polishing your final draft.

Whether you're curious about the field of technical writing, already making your living as a wordsmith, or seeking to brush up on the basics, this workshop is for you.

Who Should Attend

  • Aspiring and junior technical writers who need
    a solid grounding in the basic skills
  • Writers, editors, translators and journalists
    who want to break into the field
  • Successful technical writers who seek some
    formal training in the basics
  • Professionals from other fields who have to write
    reports, specifications, or documentation

What You Will Learn

  • Technical writing: what it is, what it's not
  • Writing for a specific audience
  • Reader-centred writing and user-centred design
  • Choosing the right terms
  • Writing crystal-clear sentences
  • Structuring easy-to-skim paragraphs
  • Outlining your documents
  • Chunking information into manageable pieces
  • Using tables and visual aids
  • Finding and following documentation standards
  • Career opportunities: breaking in, moving up, moving on

What People Say About This Workshop

"Animated animators..."

"Very enjoyable and enlightening..."

"Dynamic... clear... short and to the point."

"Good presentation... good references... a lot of useful tips."

"A great course--I learned a lot!"

"Several people I know have tried to talk me out of pursuing technical writing (because they think it's not creative enough) but your workshop really did convince me otherwise... it really made me warm to the subject."

"An enjoyable learning experience..."

"It's great to take the time to focus on work when you're not doing the work. I found it motivating; made me want to roll up my sleeves and get down to some writing."

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Schedule for this Workshop

This workshop is not currently scheduled.

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Need Help Getting Started?

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If you need help getting started with your documentation project(s), we'd be happy to talk about coming in for a short project. We can do planning and outlining for your documentation set, help you hire staff and set up workflows, or anything else you might need.

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