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Gordon & Gordon is a partnership of two award-winning writers who specialize in technology, Gordon Graham and Manuel Gordon. Our clients hire us to explain complex products and to persuade demanding customers. And we share our many years of experience through practical, cost-effective consulting and training.


  Clear Writing for Programmers
and Engineers

Many new programmers and engineers are surprised to find that they spend a big chunk of their time writing, writing, writing. But they never learned how to write right.

This one-day workshop teaches you the fundamental skills that every engineer and programmer needs to know about writing on the job.

This workshop can be tailored to incorporate your company's standards and processes.

Who Should Attend

  • Programmers, engineers and technical managers who must communicate clearly in written English
  • Anyone who has to write technical reports, specifications, or documentation

What You Will Learn

  • Why the ability to write clear documents is important to your career
  • Plain writing: what it is, what it's not
  • How to identify and write for a specific audience
  • Reader-centred writing and user-centred design
  • Choosing the right terms
  • Writing crystal-clear sentences
  • Structuring easy-to-skim paragraphs
  • How to organize a document into chapters and sections
  • Outlining your documents
  • Chunking information into manageable pieces
  • Using tables and visual aids
  • The value of a detailed table of contents and index
  • Finding and following documentation standards

What People Say About This Workshop

"Very inspiring."

"Audience analysis opened a new avenue of thinking for me. It is extremely useful in planning lectures and documentation."

"Session was very informative!"

"Class was taught well. Instructor is very knowledgable. Bring him back!"

"Interesting speaker."

"Provided us with some effective pointers... the material we learned can be immediately applied to our work."

"Instructor was well-prepared... spoke well... good timing..."

Can't Wait for the Next Workshop?
Order the Workbook!

If you can't wait to find out more, why not order the workbook?

The "Clear Writing for Programmers and Engineers" workbook includes a copy of all the slides, exercises, and bibliography distributed at this workshop, all for just US$49.95 plus Shipping & Handling. Click here to find out more.

Schedule for this Workshop

This workshop is not currently scheduled.

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Need Help Getting Started?

Gordon & Gordon don't just teach, we also do!

If you need help getting started with your documentation project(s), we'd be happy to talk about coming in for a short project.

We can do planning and outlining for your documentation set, help you hire staff and set up workflows, or anything else you might need.

So, don't be shy, call us today to see how we can help.


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