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Gordon & Gordon is a partnership of two award-winning writers who specialize in technology, Gordon Graham and Manuel Gordon. Our clients hire us to explain complex products and to persuade demanding customers. And we share our many years of experience through practical, cost-effective consulting and training.

About Manuel Gordon

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Manuel Gordon is a technical writer, programmer, and computer science professor.

With more than 25 years in the IT industry, Manny has worked on every technology from mainframes to Web frames.

He studied computer science first at University of Toronto and later at McGill University in Montreal.

Manny also worked as a programmer at McGill.

One of his achievements was upgrading a popular statistical package by ripping out old, bug-ridden code, and replacing it with calls to a modern, API-based library.

Next, Manny worked on a pioneering data warehouse project for the Bank of Montreal. Manny designed a major part of the API, implemented it, and of course, documented it.

Since then, Manny has divided his time between teaching and consulting. He is a professor of Computer Science at Vanier College, and has worked as a technical writing or programming consultant for many companies. His resume is sprinkled with names such as DMR, CGI, Hummingbird, Softimage, and even Microsoft.

As a technical writer, Manny specializes in documenting APIs, SDKs, and complex data communications software.

Since 1997, Manny has been a partner in Gordon & Gordon, which is best known for giving lively, useful workshops in technical and marketing writing.

To contact Manuel Gordon, call (514) 934-3274 or click here.

Clients and Awards

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About Gordon Graham

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Gordon Graham has won many awards for technical and marketing writing during his 25+ years in the industry.

In his last staff job, Gordon was VP of Marketing for a fast-growing wireless company.

He built and managed a department of eight people, and helped build revenues from $250,000 to $14 million in three years.

And then he helped the owners sell the firm and cash out.

"Every technology company needs to tell their story in clear and believable terms," says Gordon. "That's one of the cornerstones for success in our industry. And I enjoy helping companies achieve that."

Over the years, Gordon has written close to 1,000 articles for 50 different publications, explaining technology to everyone from accountants to woodworkers.

Today he's the editor of SoftwareCEO.com, the largest online community of software executives in the world. Every week, Gordon interviews industry leaders about the secrets of their success. Then he prepares fresh content for the site.

Among his other notable achievements:

  • Gordon is a past president of the Professional Writers Association of Canada
  • He's taught writing at Concordia University in Montreal, and Simon Fraser University in Vancouver
  • He has given dozens of workshops and presentations to professional associations

Since 1997, Gordon has been a partner in Gordon & Gordon, which is best known for giving lively, useful workshops in technical and marketing writing.

Today Gordon specializes in writing white papers for B2B technology firms. You can find out more—including lots of articles on how to get the most bang from your own white papers and case studies—at www.thatwhitepaperguy.com.

To contact Gordon Graham, call (705) 842-2428 Eastern Eastern Time or e-mail gordon@thatwhitepaperguy.com.

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