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Gordon & Gordon is a partnership of two award-winning writers who specialize in technology, Gordon Graham and Manuel Gordon. Our clients hire us to explain complex products and to persuade demanding customers. And we share our many years of experience through practical, cost-effective consulting and training.


 Client List

Together or separately, Manuel Gordon and Gordon Graham have completed successful projects in the following areas:

Technical Writing

Gordon & Gordon have completed many technical writing projects including print, online help, Web and consulting.

We specialize in urgent projects that are too difficult for most other technical writers to handle: APIs and SDKs, installation and operation manuals, mainframe, UNIX and network documentation and system design documents.

  • 20-20 Technologies Montreal
  • Air Canada Montreal
  • Alex Informatique Montreal
  • BC Hydro Vancouver
  • Canadian Depository for Securities Montreal
  • Canadian Telebook Agency Toronto
  • CN Montreal
  • Connectware Solutions Montreal
  • Eicon Technology Corp Montreal
  • Energy, Mines and Resources Canada Ottawa
  • Ericsson Communications Montreal
  • Forensic Technologies Montreal
  • GEAC Computers Toronto
  • HMS Software Montreal
  • Hummingbird Communications Montreal
  • IBM Austin, Texas
  • Keops Broadcast Montreal
  • Litton Systems Canada Toronto
  • MathEngine Canada Montreal
  • Maximizer Technologies Vancouver
  • Micro Tempus Montreal
  • National Library of Canada Ottawa
  • National Research Council Ottawa
  • NetZuno Technologies Montreal
  • Northern Telecom Montreal
  • OKIOK Montreal
  • Remanco Systems Toronto
  • Rockwell
  • Royal Bank of Canada Toronto
  • Softimage Montreal
  • Standard Life Montreal
  • Tandem (now HP)
  • Visual Edge Software (now Actional) Montreal



Gordon & Gordon can provide real-world consulting to help you get things done.

We've worked with the following clients on everything from planning documentation sets to setting up systems for creating them, providing a cost-effective solution to the biggest challenge.

  • Air Canada Montreal
  • BC Hydro Vancouver
  • CN Montreal
  • Connectware Solutions Montreal
  • MathEngine Canada Montreal
  • Micro Tempus Montreal
  • Reader's Digest Montreal
  • Royal Bank of Canada Toronto
  • Softimage Montreal
  • UNISYS Canada Toronto
  • Virtual Prototypes Montreal
  • Visual Edge Software (now Actional) Montreal
  • Zero-Knowledge Systems Montreal


Marketing Writing

Gordon & Gordon have written powerful marketing materials for the following clients, including white papers, newsletters, and customer stories.

  • 20-20 Technologies Montreal
  • Advanced Authoring Format (AAF) Association Atlanta
  • Amibug.Com Montreal
  • Association of Service and Computer Dealers International (ASCDI) DelRay Beach, FL
  • Autodesk San Francisco
  • Bailey Canada Burlington, Ontario
  • BCTel Mobility Vancouver
  • Bell Canada Ottawa
  • Canadian Automobile Association Montreal
  • CGI Conseillers Gestion et Informatique Montreal
  • Connectware Montreal
  • Coreco Imaging Montreal
  • DEC (now HP) Toronto
  • Discreet Montreal
  • Epson Canada Toronto
  • Facit Canada Toronto
  • Govern Software Montreal
  • HelpStar Oakville, ON
  • Hill & Knowlton Montreal
  • HMS Software Montreal
  • HP Toronto
  • i18n Montreal
  • IBM Toronto
  • Intermec Corp Seattle
  • Intuit San Diego, CA
  • KraftMaid Cabinetry Middlefield, OH
  • MaranGraphics Toronto
  • Max Technologies Montreal
  • MetaQuest Software Montreal
  • Microsoft Canada Toronto
  • Multi-Laser Solutions Brockville, ON
  • OKIOK Data Montreal
  • Oracle Corp Redwood Shores, CA
  • OSRAM Canada Toronto
  • Pebble Inc. Los Angeles
  • Steltor Montreal
  • Third Wave Ideas Montreal
  • UNISYS Canada Toronto



Gordon & Gordon have shared our expertise through lively workshops and presentations attended by people from the following organizations.

  • 20-20 Technologies Montreal
  • Alchemedia Israel
  • Amdocs Israel
  • AnySoft Israel
  • Attunity Israel
  • Avolent San Francisco
  • B M C Software Israel
  • Bank of Montreal Montreal
  • Bitheads Ottawa
  • Bombardier Montreal
  • CAE Montreal
  • Canadair Montreal
  • Canadian Depository for Securities (CDS) Montreal
  • Cimatron Israel
  • Cimmetry Systems Montreal
  • Concordia University Montreal
  • Connectware Montreal
  • Corel Ottawa
  • Critical Path Toronto
  • Data Research Associates Montreal
  • Discreet Montreal
  • DMR (now Fujitsu) Montreal
  • Editor's Association of Canada Toronto
  • Ericsson Montreal
  • EZChip Israel
  • Federal Express Ottawa
  • FileNET Corporation Costa Mesa, CA
  • Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada (FERIC) Montreal
  • Gemplus Canada Toronto
  • GIRO Montreal
  • Hyperchip Montreal
  • IDSI Advanced Data Systems Israel
  • Innovatia Saint John, NB
  • InSyst Ltd Israel
  • Interdoc Israel
  • Ixiasoft Quebec
  • Locus Dialogue Toronto
  • Mathengine Montreal
  • McGill University Montreal
  • MDS Pharma Service Toronto
  • MicroType Israel
  • MPR Teltech Vancouver
  • NDS Technologies Israel
  • Nice Systems Israel
  • Northern Telecom Montreal
  • Nortel Networks Montreal, Ottawa
  • Nuance Communications Montreal
  • Optibase Israel
  • Paradox Security Systems Montreal
  • PCS Innovations Quebec
  • Periodical Writers Association of Canada
  • Phoenix International Life Sciences Montreal
  • Polycom Israel
  • Regisoft Israel
  • SAP Portals Israel
  • Semantix Montreal
  • Simon Fraser University Vancouver
  • Society for Technical Communication chapters:
    Carolina, Eastern Ontario, Montreal, Southwestern Ontario, Toronto and Transalpine
  • Society for Technical Communication conferences:
    Philadelphia, Chicago and Nashville
  • Softimage Montreal
  • Solidum Systems Ottawa
  • Sphera Israel
  • Star*Home (Comverse) Israel
  • Steltor Montreal
  • Tech*Comm 2001 Washington, DC
  • Telesat Ottawa
  • University of Toronto Toronto
  • Vanier College Montreal
  • Virtual Prototypes Montreal
  • Voice Age Quebec
  • Whale Communications Israel
  • Write Direction Israel



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