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Good Enough Documentation

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Workshop Outline

Few people read your technical writing like a good book.
Instead, they skim, scan, and skip for the information they need to solve their problem and get back to their job.

Today's successful software publishers release "good-enough" software, and writers need to produce "good-enough" documentation to ship with it.

During this workshop, we present our minimalist, reader-centred approach to technical writing. Our advice is based on actual, successful practices of real technical writers working on real software development projects. And on the lessons software developers themselves have learned in their projects.

This workshop will help experienced writers learn new approaches and work more effectively by facing "the real world" as it actually is. And it will equip newer technical writers with a solid, practical approach that will enhance their success in the field.

Who Should Attend

  • Experienced technical writers who recognize that good writing alone does not guarantee success
  • Newer technical writers who want to ensure their success in the field
  • Technical writers, editors, and managers who face growing pressures to do more with less

What You Will Learn

  • The 5 dirty secrets of technical writing in the real world
  • What Sam Spade teaches us about technical communication
  • How to Understand, Simplify, and Explain
  • If they need it, they will come:
    why good content matters most
  • Why minimalism means more than "cutting out text"
  • Deciding what to document, and what to leave out
  • How to quickly integrate audience analysis and task analysis into your plans
  • Using today's software development strategies:
    prototyping, incremental releases, iterative development, staged delivery
  • Planning and estimating a documentation set
  • Creating and using a style guide
  • Staking out your turf in development projects

What People Say About This Workshop

"Good case studies. I love having 'real-life' examples."

"Lively discussion among a group of peers."

"I especially appreciated the 'good-enough' approach."

"I learned quite a bit about ways I can improve my documentation."

"Interesting and relevant."

"I felt very comfortable in the class because open discussion was encouraged."

"I'm looking forward to your next workshop!"

Can't Wait for the Next Workshop?
Order the Workbook!

If you can't wait to find out more, why not order the workbook?

The "Good-Enough Documentation" workbook includes all the slides, exercises, and bibliography distributed during this workshop for just $49.95 plus shipping & handling.

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Upcoming Presentations

This workshop is not currently scheduled.

To be notified when this workshop is next held, email us at manuel@gordonandgordon.com.


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