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Writing Marketing Materials
for High-Tech Firms

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Workshop Overview

Now more than ever, your high-tech company needs a powerful arsenal of marketing materials.

You need customer stories, newsletters and white papers that tell your company's story. You need press kits, data sheets and brochures that explain the technical content of your offerings. You need presentations and Web sites that turn skeptical prospects into eager buyers.

The problem is: very few people know how to create these materials.

Most advertising copywriters, for example, are lost when they try to explain a high-tech product.

The good news is, many people working in the IT sector are capable of planning and drafting these materials.

With a little guidance, many technical writers, developers, engineers and entrepreneurs can learn how to create marketing materials.... or how to direct others to do them effectively.

This workshop introduces all the most popular types of marketing materials for high-tech firms. You will study real-world examples and guidelines for how to create each type.

And you will do hands-on exercises to analyze, plan and create several documents to boost your confidence and prove that you, too, can write marketing materials!

What's more, you will study brainstorming tools and techniques to help generate tons of ideas quickly... and learn the dangerous habits you must break to do truly effective marketing.

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Who Should Attend
  • High-tech marketing executives who need a powerful arsenal of materials to generate leads and win sales
  • Technical writers, developers or engineers now being asked to create marketing materials
  • Seasoned copywriters not sure how to write about high-tech products or services
  • High-tech entrepreneurs or business owners who need to direct others to create effective marketing materials that tell your company's story

Learning Objectives

At the end of this workshop, you will understand each of the Top 10 types of marketing documents, what should go into it and when you should use it. You will be confident enough to prepare these materials yourself, or qualified to direct others to create them for you.

What You Will Learn

Marketing 101: a Real-World Refresher

  • Why most of what you hear about marketing is wrong
  • Marketing vs. sales = waste
  • Marketing + sales = $$$
  • What are you really selling... and how to find out
What is Marcom?
  • The 3 questions every customer asks
  • A radio station we all know: WII-FM
  • What is marketing communications (marcom)?
  • Marcom vs. technical writing and journalism
The Skills for Success
  • The skills you need for success
  • Your Writer's Control Panel
  • The secret of good marcom
  • How to identify and segment your audience
  • Turning features into benefits
The Top 10 Marketing Documents
  • Product blurbs
  • Data sheets
  • Brochures
  • Press releases
  • Success stories
  • Newsletters
  • White papers
  • Presentations
  • Packaging
  • Web pages

  • For each of these document types:
  • Real-world examples
  • Typical format
  • Typical distribution
  • Typical content and how to prepare it
  • A checklist
  • Trends
  • Selected print and online resources

Bonus Topic: Breaking into Marcom

  • Likely routes into marcom
  • Unlikely routes into marcom
  • Where the work is
  • How to break into marcom
  • The dangerous habits you must break
Bonus Topic: Brainstorming Techniques

  • Tips on charging up your creativity
  • Mindmapping
  • Silent brainstorming
  • Morpho box
  • Positioning grid
  • Creativity software


What People Said About this Workshop in Toronto in April, 2003

"Gordon is an excellent speaker and very comfortable. Topics and exercises were relevant and beneficial. Examples of documents will be handy in the future."

"Good speed, very thorough, dynamic speaker, very interesting, good mix of examples."

"The workshop was geared at just the right level and the handouts were helpful. Good sense of humour, responsiveness to questions."

"I get the idea that you really want me to get my $$ worth, and are genuinely interested in sharing ideas and being helpful, which can't be said about every workshop facilitator!"

"Very well-organized outline and a very enthusiastic, experienced presenter. The extensive workbook really helps... I will definitely refer to it in the future."

"It was really valuable to do the exercises for each kind of document. It gave me practice and confidence that I can do marketing communications in real life."

"Met all my objectives and more. Great examples! I loved the exercises—it makes me feel I can write marketing materials. Presentation was clear and well-planned and well thought-out."

"Good instruction, good presentatioin, good examples."

"Systematic, principle-laden approach. The speaker: lively, informative, helpful."

What People Say About Earlier Presentations of this Workshop

"Coverage and hands-on training were excellent—a great job!"

"A thoroughly enjoyable and informative workshop."

"Great workshop. I am quite satisfied with the material covered, the workbook provided, and positive feedback on the assignments."

"Hands-on exercises really worked."

"Thanks! Enjoyed content and presentation!!"

"Learned more about data sheets, press releases, and success stories. Now I can't wait to write one."

"I attended this course last spring and am recommending it to my staff and colleagues."

"Lots of extra material provided in the workbook. Great assignments."

"Workbook makes an excellent resource and study guide."

"Inspiring and motivating: the workshop leader really made you believe that you as a tech writer have the tools to write marketing pieces successfully."

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This workshop is not currently scheduled.

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