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Gordon & Gordon is a partnership of two award-winning writers who specialize in technology, Gordon Graham and Manuel Gordon. Our clients hire us to explain complex products and to persuade demanding customers. And we share our many years of experience through practical, cost-effective consulting and training.

Writing to Explain: Very Technical Writing

Your company needs system installation and operation guides, software reference guides, and SDKs.

You need them done right the first time. And you need them now.

Gordon & Gordon has done this kind of very technical writing for dozens of products.

Manuel Gordon is a former programmer and professor of computer science who's worked with every technology from mainframes to Web frames.

Gordon Graham is a seasoned technical writer whose projects have won "Best of Show" in both Toronto and Montreal STC competitions.

Together we've worked with some of the biggest names in the industry: HP, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle. Plus lots of smaller companies with big dreams.


We literally "wrote the book" on this type of very technical writing.

We created the ground-breaking workshop Documenting APIs and SDKs and offered it across North America and in Europe.

We sold the related workbook all around the world.

And we packaged our expertise on a DVD available to anyone, anywhere.

And that's just one of our workshops on technical writing.

Other workshops cover Java, C/C++, complex software, and the secrets of success as a technical writer.

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Take the Next Step Today

During the past 20 years, we've had clients from Seattle to Tel-Aviv.

We thrive on fresh challenges. So why not take the next step now?

When you need help explaining your technology, think of Gordon & Gordon: there's no one else like us.

For a free consultation to discuss your requirements, call Manuel Gordon at (514) 934-3274 (Eastern).

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